How to improve your logistics’ process?

In Envia Shipping, we know logistics is a fundamental step for all e-commerce businesses. From maintaining your products in a safe place to sending them everywhere successfully. Learn how to improve your logistics’ process.

Now, you’ll find some tips to help you with your logistics, this can apply if you’re a big or small company.

Define steps are important

The more steps your process has, the more effective it is, but at the same time it’ll become a more difficult process. 

Defining steps in this process will help you to take care of everything that is made in your process, you can supervise the quality control of your products in order to have a happier customer. 

Monitor your process

We know how important it is to monitor your process, check your data, statistics and methodology can help you to improve each day. 

Keep all this information always updated in case you need to check it. Beside having this information, it’s important to also make a monthly report to know how you’re improving and also can detect what you need to improve. 

If you maintain these reports monthly, soon you’ll be able to save in costs and time.

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Maintain communication with suppliers

Suppliers are a very important part of your logistics, and maintaining a good relationship with them will help you in the future in case you have a situation. 

Keeping in contact with all your suppliers will also build you an enduring relationship and a good image of your business. If they see you have a solid logistics process, they will be happy to be part of your company for a long time.

Invest in new technology

There are a big amount of system technologies that can help you to automate your logistics’ process. 

In Envia Shipping we also have a service that can help you, WMS (Warehouse Management System) which is a cloud based solution and provides services for organizations of all sizes.

We have API Integration capabilities, eCommerce Integrations, Reporting, Analytics and more solutions. Fully integrated with 45+ packages, 25+ Carriers and 30+ e-commerce systems.

Keep in mind that if you invest in these services, you’ll also be investing in the future of your company and developing new processes for your logistics

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