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All about package pickup

One of the goals we look to accomplish with and for our entrepreneurs is to save them as much time as possible. That’s the reason why today we share with you all about package pickup.

Package pickup is a very simple procedure, it consists of a picker goes to your domicile to pick the packages that have been scheduled and after that, we’ll take them to the center of distribution where they’ll be shipped.

What is the pickup cost?

If you’re an Envia Shipping client, we need to tell you that it is totally free.

If you haven’t signed up on our platform, what are you waiting for? It’s totally free: sign up here.

How to schedule a recollection with Envia Shipping?

  1. Go to
  2. Login into your account or create a new account
  3. On the dashboard, click Pickup
  4. Fill in correctly the information requested like origin, which is the address where it is going to be recollected. 
  5. Select the carrier you want to use. 
  6. Select a Pickup date and time.
  7. Do not forget that you can only schedule your Pickup on natural days. 
  8. Request your Pickup, then you can receive your confirmation number.

On our platform, you’ll be able to see all the Pickups you have scheduled. Remember, it also depends on the carrier you pick.

What can I do if my recollection is not done?

Beside the logistics, suppliers always make their best to make all the recollections on time, in some cases for external causes (traffic, accidents, volume of recollections, etc.) they do not get 100% of pickups successfully. 

If this happens, you can reschedule your Pickup on our platform because if your package was not recollected in time, this won’t be rescheduled automatically, and you need to schedule a new one.

How to have a successful Pickup?

The delivery person from the different carriers should make a high number of Pickups, that’s why they can not wait a long time at each address.

We recommend you to be aware of the delivery person arrival, the package should be ready with the shipping label previously printed and on the package. 

In case your ship is urgent, we recommend that you take them directly to the postal office of your selected logistics supplier. 

  1. DHL:
  2. LSO:
  3. Sendle:
  4. UPS:
  5. USPS:
  6. TForce:


At the moment you show your shipping labels printed at the postal office, you don’t need to pay anything more or make an additional payment, you only need to leave your package with them, so it can be delivered.

Advantages of Package Pickup

  1. It helps you to save time.
  2. You can schedule the Pickup for various packages. 
  3. Does not have additional cost. 

Start shipping your packages now with the best rates and do not forget to use the pickup service.

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