Definitive Fulfillment Guide

Have you been in a situation where you can not find a logistic plan that works with your ecommerce? Today we share with you a Definitive Fulfillment guide. 

We have talked a lot about this service, but we have not described it in detailed the benefits you can obtain with this service. 

Save in logistics operations

As entrepreneurs, we always look for the best ways to save time and money. 

When an e-commerce company gets to the point where it has a lot of orders, it’s important to delegate this responsibility to a third party service like Fulfillment.


The services that Fulfillment has for you are the following:

  1. Renting a space where your products can be stocked it’ll help you to save space in your house or physical store. 
  2. The warehouses do not have expensive rates to ship your products. 
  3. These warehouses have enough supplies to correctly cover the packaging of your products. 

Great connection between channel sales

Envia Shipping offers you the option of sending personalized notifications to your clients beside connecting your shipments directly with our software, in this way you only need to worry about your sales. 

One less worry

What do we mean? As we mentioned before, Fulfillment takes care of all your logistics process.

This includes packaging, and you should already know this is fundamental to make your shipments correctly.

Fulfillment can help you to save a lot of time in this step. 

When choosing Envia Shipping automatically, you’ll start to receive a complete service from Fulfillment with the best quality in terms of packaging and logistics. 

Cheaper Shipments

As you should know, most online buyers expect that their shipments arrive as fast as possible. 

This is very easy to achieve if you have an alliance with a logistics supplier of your trust that specializes in ecommerce. 

When you hire Fulfillment from Envia Shipping you have the advantage that our platform has more services that complement this service, this makes it cheaper compared with other platforms.

All in one hand

Did you know we have an APP? The moment you download it, you’ll be able to control and make the follow-up of your orders. 

Now that you know the advantages that Envia Shipping has for your shipments and e-commerce, we invite you to use this amazing service we have available for you.

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