How to improve your warehouse’s logistics?

How to improve your warehouse logistics? The e-commerce growth these years has increased the use of warehouses.

Because of this growth, warehouses should fulfill with an intern logistics in order to accomplish all the shipment’s products in time and form. 

The key points to consider to have a good intern sistem are: Time, increase productivity and efficiency. 

How to improve your warehouse logistics? We’ll share with you some tips to have a successful process. 


It’s important to set a strategy depending on the volume of shipments made.

It’s also fundamental to prioritize your needs  in order to make a strategy that can achieve in the best way with the shipments made from your warehouse, it doesn’t matter if they’re 50 or 1000.


There are three principal points to consider which are the following:

  1. Try to minimize the unnecessary movements. 
  2. Limit and optimize the cargo transportation.
  3. Invest in a good team that helps you to optimize your process and time. 

It’s important that your space is always organized, otherwise this could become a very stressful environment for everyone.

There are three ways we can use to achieve it:

  1. Create internal logistics routes to simplify the process.
  2. Label and enlist all products.
  3. Delimit your warehouse’s areas.


In a warehouse there’s always products that sell the most, you can give them a specific space to avoid disorganization with your inventory.

In the same way, you should give a space to the biggest and with more weight products to optimize spaces and time.


Today, having a mistake in your logistics process is a big problem, this is the reason you should have a very solid logistics structure. 

Having quality controls in each step can help you to avoid mistakes at picking, packing and distribution. 


Envia Shipping is a logistics platform specialized in e.commerce. In our system you can find two services that can help you with your management. 

The first, WMS (Warehouse management system) is a system to administrate warehouse operations. 

Our solution is based on the cloud and provides you services from small to big business.

We also have API Integrations, E-Commerce Integrations, reports, analytics and more solutions. 

You can start to operate in an efficient and more fluid way. Our system is fully integrated with the best carriers in the USA and 30 e-commerce systems. 

The next, Fulfillment, where we take care of picking, packing and sending your products. 

Know more about this service here:

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