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Tips to prepare your eCommerce for high seasons

Envia Shipping shares with you some tips to prepare your ecommerce for high seasons.

These seasons are special dates such as Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, Hot Sale, Black Friday, Mother’s Day, etc.

High seasons are a very exciting experience for all ecommerce because it’s a perfect time to prove the solidity of your online store, speaking of logistics and customer service. 

These seasons also represent the challenge of supplying the demand, and it’s necessary to have a good logistic supplier that assures you the accomplishment of all your shipments in time and form.

Here is where Envia Shipping can help you, our specialized service in ecommerce can be very helpful because we do not only focus on giving you the best rates and supplier for your shipments.

We also count with a variety of services that can complement your logistics to maximize your shipments.

We share with you the aspects to take in consideration to make your activities correctly.

Planing and Prevent. 

Before we start to create our strategy, it’s fundamental that we prepare the activities for the whole year. How do we do that? It’s very simple. 

This preparation is based on monitoring your clients’ behavior, how do they react to publicity? Which are the bestseller products?

Also, the use of tools that help you to prevent the demand are going to be helpful.

With this step, we’re going to prepare with the products we know are going to be the most sold and be prepared for this demand.

Last but not least, do not forget to make sure that your suppliers are also ready.

Why does this help us? To avoid supplying us with products that are not going to be bought, in the way we reduce costs for non-essential shipments and sell the product the market is going to ask the most.

Implement a strategy to optimize the process.

In order to continue with your sales plan for these seasons, we should already know which are the products we need to sell and what kind of discounts or promotions we’ll be launching. 

Now the next step is to optimize your activities and shipments processes. A lot of people recommend optimizing processes by creating punctual lists and precise with the steps that should be done each day.

Other experts recommend optimizing time pre-organizing the packages and putting products near to boxes, in this way you can prepare them faster.

Analyze your logistics. 

We have already talked about how to optimize time, now it’s time to talk about the most important, shipments. 

The task we have now is to analyze your shipment process. How do we achieve this? Even if it sounds difficult, it’s very easy.

We recommend you to ask for information or research about the shipment processes of your company. The next step is to measure the time it takes you to package a product.

Once we know this information, we have to propose solutions to optimize this process the most. 

There are options that can help you to simplify much more of your time, one of them is a third party service that takes charge specifically of picking, packing and shipping your products.

It sounds interesting, right? Let us tell you that Envia Shipping can help you to cover this position, with our Fulfillment service.

We invite you to know more about this service we have for you by clicking here Fulfillment


The first important aspect to cover at this point is the packaging, now you should know that it’s fundamental to cover with enough supplies to not run out of supplies when you make your shipments. 

This is the reason we highly recommend you to anticipate all the material you’re going to require in high seasons.

You can visit the page of our suppliers: Envia Supplies

Now let’s talk about the kind of shipments you can consider for your logistic plan, it always depends on the products you’re going to send:

  1. Free shipment: One of the ways to assure the sale of your products, it’s to offer free shipment. What can you do to make this work for your ecommerce store and avoid loss? The shipment price is included in the final cost of the product. Another way it’s to give an offer, when they buy a second product, they’ll have the free shipment option available. 
  2. Exact cost. It consists of clients paying for the shipment, the disadvantage of this option it’s that at the end of the transaction the clients might cancel the order because of the shipment cost. 

Last minute shopping?

We can tell you that the high season is not the real end, online clients tend to buy late because they make sure that your website and products are safe, and the price is worth it. 

Do not give it for granted and prepare for the great final.

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Innovation is the Key

 A very competitive advantage for your ecommerce it’s to give a safe and fast experience, that’s the reason why it’s important to have an alliance with a logistics software, it’s a very good option for you. 

There are automated software that take care completely of your logistics, helping you to save as much time as possible. 

Envia Shipping is the perfect site to potentialize and optimize your shipments, know more about what we can offer you here: Envia Shipping

Now you know more about how to prepare your eCommerce for high seasons. Tell us in the comments sections which ones are you going to apply.

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