10 tips to avoid mistakes when shipping your packages

Sending your products without previous logistics knowledge might be a little bit dull. There are some situations that we can not control, but for those we can, we share 10 tips to avoid mistakes when shipping your packages.

Choose the best carrier.

As users, we always look for comfort from a known brand, but this does not mean that is always the best option for our ecommerce. 

We recommend you to get out of your comfort zone to start investigating the multiple options of carriers that have national shipments.

Did you know there are websites like Envia Shipping where you can compare rates with the best carriers? You can sign up for free here.

Envia Shipping is a logistics software specialized in ecommerce.

We count with a big number of carriers where you can compare and pick the carrier that suits your needs and budget. We share with you the complete lists of the carrier we have available for you:

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • LSO
  • Sendle
  • TForce

We remind you that Envia Shipping has a presence in more countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and India. Likewise, we invite you to visit our website and check all the carriers available in each country.

Once you do this, we highly recommend you to try with different carriers until you find the one that is better to ship your products. 

The importance of packaging.

The packaging is one of the most important elements for your shipments. The box should be made to preserve its content, following all the carrier’s policies.

We invite you to visit our Packaging Guide where you can know more about this topic.

Incorrect size and weight. 

With the last step, it’s very important to make sure that the size and weight of your packages are correct, this will help you to avoid making your shipping labels again and waste more time in doing it. 

Incorrect information. 

A recommendation we can give you is to make sure your clients give the correct and exact information of their address to avoid returns or delays. 

You should ask them to give you the correct information, correctly written, to avoid problems with their products. 

A tip we can give you is to request your clients the address information in the exact way they have it in their ID. 

Following with the 10 tips to avoid these mistakes shipping your products, let’s talk about lost and returns. 

Loss Packages.

The loss of packages is something that occurs with frequency during the transit of the packages. This is because of different factors that probably you can not control.

To avoid this from your part, it’s very important what we previously talked about, giving the correct information of destination and having the correct packaging should be very helpful to the carriers, and it can be distributed correctly.

It’s also important that you, as a store, have the capacity to be aware that all the logistics process is in order and in case something happens you can act faster.

Return of packages. 

Returns are inevitable, that’s why we need to detect the common causes to avoid them in the long term: 

  1. Your products do not look the same at your ecommerce store.
  2. Your product might present damage. 
  3. Your clients might receive a product that they did not request.
  4. For example, if you sell clothes, they might not be the correct size. 

Trust on the delivery date. 

Usually the carrier offers an estimated delivery date that depends on different factors, but we all know that these dates are not usually the same when the package arrives. 

This means you need to be aware of the notifications sent by the software you use to know if your packages arrive in the correct form and if not, you can notify your clients about these movements. 

We share a tip, Envia Shipping has a notification system which sends personalized notifications to your clients about the status of the packages to save you this step.

Declared Value.

When you declare the wrong value of the content of your package you could be at a disadvantage because of the assurance. 

A lot of clients believe that if they declare less than the original value, this will help them to reduce costs. But in case of loss or theft, the assurance will declare it as a loss for you because it doesn’t match with the information you gave.

There’s no stock.

A big mistake that can cause loss of time and engagement of your brand is not knowing the stock you have.

This is the reason why it is important to have an inventory of your products. Envia Shipping recommends our service Fulfillment where we help you with your stock, pick and pack and distribution of the products. All you have to worry is about sales.

Not using a Logistic Software.

To finish with this article, we share with you the reason why Envia Shipping is the best option for your shipments:

  1. Generate labels easily. 

We’re a shipping platform with more than 35 carriers available to generate shipping labels for local, national and international shipments. 

We also count with a Quote Section in real time with preferential rates. 

Function: Create multiple shipping labels daily. 

  1. All in just one click. 

Connect your ecommerce store to generate shipments automatically with Shopify, WooCommerce, Mercado Libre, Walmart, Amazon, Sales Force, eBay, Ecart and more. 

App available for iOS and Android. 

  1. Premium services available. 

We have Fulfillment by Envia Shipping, Warehouse Management System and more. 

Automatic tracking with personalized notifications for your clients. 

Specialized support and follow-up through notifications. 

Credits and financing for companies. 

Packages insure against loss or theft. 

Automatic Billing.

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